PD-12V helicopter engine project discussions in Aviadvigatel

28 april 2016

The session of the Scientific & Technical Council (STC) dedicated to development of the PD-12V engine for Mi-26 helicopter took place in Aviadvigatel under the leadership of the General Designer Alexander Inozemtsev.

Participants of STC included the representatives of UEC and Helicopters of Russia Holdings: MVZ named after M.L. Mil, Klimov Company, Salut Company, UEC-STAR, UEC-Perm Engine, Aviadvigatel, UMPO and NPP Motor.

The PD-12V turboshaft engine with a free power turbine for the MI-26 type helicopter is developed by the order of Dmitriy Rogozin, Deputy Chairman of the RF Government. The Customer for re-engining of the Mi-26 helicopter with the PD-12V engine is the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. Chief contractor – UEC, actionee – Aviadvigatel.

The PD-12V engine is developed on the basis of the common core of the PD engine family and will be the most powerful turboshaft engine in the world. Like the PD-14, the helicopter engine will be made in cooperation with the industry leading companies and institutes.

Currently the specialists of Perm design bureau formed a brief technical proposal in accordance with the technical requirement specification for engine development where they defined basic performance specifications, configuration, special design features in accordance with anticipated operating conditions.

During the Scientific & Technical Council Perm designers presented to their colleagues the results of the first stage of their work, conceptual study of the project, basic performance specifications of the engine on the whole and its systems and components, technical and economic risks assessment. Participants of the STC discussed the plan of further cooperation on the project.

In his speech before the STC participants Dmitriy Kozyrev, Director of Mi-26 Helicopter Project of the Helicopters of Russia Holding stated that upgrade of the Mi-26 aircraft by powering it with the state-of-the-art PD-12V engine extends the helicopter performance especially in escalated temperature and high altitude conditions. Significant fuel saving of the new engine will increase transportation capacity of the vehicle. Introduction of progressive engine maintenance system enables engine operation based on the technical condition. It allows reducing the helicopter operation costs. Besides, modular design of the PD-12V engine significantly improves its maintainability.

Having considered the presented information the STC participants made the following conclusions:

  • The PD-12V engine parameters meet the demand of the market of advanced super-heavy helicopters of various applications;
  • Engine development carries low technical risks as the development effort is based on the vast scientific and technical background formed during implementation of PD-14 engine project;
  • In the future the industrial version of the PD-12V engine in the power range from 6 to 8 MW with 35…36% efficiency may be used in oil pumping and gas compressor packages and heat and power plants.