UEC-Perm Engines has signed a partnership agreement within the framework of the federal project “Professionalitet”

11 may 2022

Alexander Inozemtsev, Deputy General Director of UEC for Perm Engines Research & Production Complex Management, Managing Director-General Designer of UEC-Aviadvigatel, took a part in a signing ceremony for a partnership agreements between Perm Krai and organizations of the real economy for foundation and development of educational and production clusters in the framework of the federal project “Professionalitet” of the Russian Federation state program “Development of Education”

The signing ceremony of the agreements was held at the State Budget Professional Educational Institution “Perm Technical School of Industrial Technologies named after B.G. Izgagin” (PTPIT) under chairmanship of Dmitry Makhonin, governor of Perm Krai. With the support of the Administration of the Perm Krai, the regional Ministry of Education, and the supportive enterprises, three clusters are being created to train specialists in areas that are important to the region’s economy: mechanical engineering, agriculture, and rail transportation.

“The system of secondary vocational education in Perm Krai is actively developing. The regional government will continue to increase the competitiveness of secondary vocational education institutions and build cooperation with the region’s enterprises, which are aimed at employing highly qualified young specialists, said Dmitry Makhonin, opening the ceremony.

Within the framework of the “Professionalitet” project, a mechanical engineering cluster is being created on the basis of PTPIT, which includes three more secondary technical schools in the region: State Budget Professional Educational Institution “Komi-Permyak Vocational and Pedagogical College of the Order of the Badge of Honor”, State Budget Professional Educational Institution “Krasnokamsk Polytechnic College” and State Budget Professional Educational Institution “Chaykovsky College of Industrial Technology and Management”. All institutions train mid-level specialists: technicians, machine operators, CNC operator, machine tool setters for metalworking, and mechanical engineering technologists. For PTPIT, the basic employer was UEC-Perm Engines (a part of Rostec State Corporation)

"The technological revolution taking place at UEC-Perm Engines requires highly qualified workers, technologists, inspection engineers, and meticulous work on their training. Our primary task is to equip the educational institution with modern equipment in order to reduce as much as possible the time required to finish training young specialists in production. Perm is becoming the center of indigenous civil aircraft construction, almost all engines for Russian civil aviation will be produced here, and production volumes will increase many times over. The country's fuel and energy complex also have a great need for equipment. There is a huge amount of work to be done, so we need a lot of smart, creative people”, said A. Inozemtsev.

According to Vyacheslav Aspidov, principal of PTPIT, in updated educational programs the blocks of general professional disciplines and practical training will be strengthen. "We will graduate CNC machine operators and multiskilled machine operators. In three years we have to graduate more than 600 high-class workers for UEC-Perm Engines," said V. Aspidov. 

“UEC-Perm Engines has already provided PTPIT with two modern CNC machines in order to develop the competencies necessary for modern digital production. The technical school intends to buy four more machines funded with federal subsidies in order to fulfill its obligations to the employer and the regional administration,” Tatiana Snitko, Temporarily Acting as HR Director at UEC- Perm Engine, commented on the cluster development prospects.


Additional Information

"The Professionalitet program is one of the most important projects of the Russian Federation Ministry of Education, designed to unite secondary vocational education and the real sector of the economy. Young people will be able to get a quality education and master the chosen profession in the shortest possible time under the guidance of experienced mentors - representatives of specific enterprises, and then guaranteed employment at the main employers”.