UEC-Aviadvigatel awarded nominal scholarships

12 april 2022

The UEC-Aviadvigatel (a part of Rostec State Corporation) hosted a ceremony to award nominal scholarships to the best fifth-year students of the Aerospace Faculty of Perm National Research Polytechnic University. Takhir Khairulin, Senior Deputy Managing Director - General Designer - Head of the Design Bureau awarded the scholarships.

Svetlana Panteleeva received scholarship named after Arcady D. Shvetsov. Scholarship named after Pavel A. Solovyov was awarded to Sergey Shvalev. Both are the students under a target recruitment programme, they are studying in the specialty “Aircraft and rocket engine design” and have been on-the-job training at the Design Bureau for six months: Svetlana in the Engine Nacelle Department, Sergey in the Turbine Department.

Presenting the well-deserved awards, Tahir Khairulin emphasized: “More than twenty years ago we established nominal scholarships. This is a tribute to the founders of the Perm Design School. We honor the memory of the great designers and teach young people the same reverential attitude to their history. Since the existence of the scholarships, forty of the best students have received them. Today you are the best, and we sincerely hope that after graduation you will come to work at Design Bureau”.

In 2022, the scholarship value was doubled to 100,000 rubles, which is awarded as a lump sum. In addition, all target recruitment programme students during the first semester of their first year, and subsequently those who get high grades receive a monthly scholarship of 10,000 rubles from UEC-Aviadvigatel. 

Tatiana Snitko, HR Director at UEC-Aviadvigatel: “Good engineering thinking and knowledge are very much valued at our company. We aim to select talented young people as early as high school. Throughout their studies, we accompany the target recruitment programme students – involving them in corporate events: we give them excursions, organize payed on-the-job training and travel to aviation exhibitions and shows”.

Svetlana Panteleeva spoke about the company’s financial support: “This once again emphasizes that the team needs well-trained young staff and it motivates us to gain more knowledge and develop in our business. The topic of my thesis is “Structural layout of the advanced high-thrust engine nacelle”. I would like to see the results of my work one day – an aircraft in the sky with engines, featuring a part that I designed myself”.

Sergey Shvalev visited UEC-Aviadvigatel as a high school student: “I noticed that people who are truly passionate about what they do work there. I liked the working conditions and was interested in the subject of aircraft engines, so I made the decision to enter PNRPU under a target recruitment programme”. As a trainee, Sergey is dealt with gas dynamic three-dimensional calculations in the high-pressure turbine and is involved in work on such important engines for the Design Bureau as PD-8 and the PD-35.

In the academic year 2020-2021, eighteen students of UEC-Aviadvigatel target recruitment programme graduated from PNRPU with distinction. These are practically 100 % trained specialists for the Design Bureau. All of them are guaranteed jobs in their speciality – the Design Bureau divisions are waiting for them.