UEC-Aviadvigatel JSC to participate in MAKS-2021 aviation and space salon

20 july 2021

UEC-Aviadvigatel JSC (a member of United Engine Corporation of Rostec) will participate in international aviation and space salon MAKS-2021 in a single exposition area of United Engine Corporation.

UEC-Aviadvigatel will demonstrate the PD-14 propulsion system, which includes an engine, a nacelle of an in-house design, an air intake and an electrically driven thrust reverser unit. The presented PD-14 engine is from a batch of experimental engines that have undergone certification tests.

The propulsion system is equipped with polymer composite engine nacelle components, core panels, thrust reverser unit cascades, as well as with hollow titanium fan blades, etc.  

Flight tests of MS-21-310 with PD-14 engines (A/C No. 005) were started in December 2020; to date, the operating time of PD-14 on wing exceeds 50 hours. As expected, by the middle of 2022, MS-21-300 (A/C No. 001) will be involved with the certification tests. For this, it is planned to replace its engines with the Russian ones.

Currently, the work continues on the validation of the national certificate by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). UEC-Aviadvigatel became the first company in the world to conduct tests in 2021 confirming the safe operation of the PD-14 engine when flying in volcanic ash clouds. The tests were successfully implemented at the test stand of Baranov Central Institute for Aviation Motor Development. Other tests are planned for 2022 to confirm the possibility of safe operation of the aircraft equipped with the PD-14 engines when exposed to crystal icing conditions.  

New industrial engine PD-14GP-1/-2 being built as per the order of PAO Gazprom based on the PD-14 core, will also be presented by the Perm Design Bureau at MAKS-2021. The new development will be used as part of gas pumping units for gas transportation and gas turbine power plants. The main advantages of the new engine are 6-8% increase in fuel efficiency, NOx emission not exceeding 50 mg/m3, 200 thousand hours of service life. Effective design solutions and the introduction of a low-emission combustion chamber in the engine ensured the compliance of the Perm Design Bureau new development with the Russian and international environmental requirements.

Specialists of UEC-Aviadvigatel will present at MAKS-2021 the interim results of their work on the PD-35 project – the first high-thrust engine for long-haul wide-body aviation in the domestic industry history. The aviation salon participants will see a fan impeller with experimental blades manufactured within the framework of mastering critical technologies necessary for building the PD-35 engine. The blades shown are made of polymer composite materials in accordance with the PD-14 engine dimensions. They have been tested on a full-size engine in the entire range of operating modes.

As part of the PD-35 project, the development of eighteen critical technologies is well under way, the assembly of a demonstrator core is being completed, the engine components are being tested on autonomous rigs.