Promobot controls temperature in UEC-Aviadvigatel

02 june 2020

Thermocontrol terminal stations for non-contact temperature measurement are installed at the entrances to all the buildings of Perm UEC-Aviadvigatel company. In total the company purchased 13 of these standalone stations. The stations were designed and manufactured by the Russian Promobot company, which is the largest manufacturer of service robots in Europe.

Under conditions of coronavirus pandemic, UEC-Aviadvigatel organized its work according to the recommendations of the Russian Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing. In particular, each employee before entering into the building shall measure the body temperature.

— At first, we were concerned that would create queues at the entrance. But the answer was found in increasing the number of stations. The station is quite fast: each measurement takes about 5 seconds, - says Artem Snitko, ad interim Deputy Managing Director and Director of Pilot Production Plant of UEC-Aviadvigatel.

The standalone stations measure the temperature of visitors with an accuracy of 0.2 degrees, recognize faces that are in the database, and automatically keep a log of all measurements with full name, photo, and measurement result and time record.

— Our stations are the optimal solution for large enterprises, where it is necessary to monitor the situation in several entrance checkpoints at once. The alternative way, such as thermal imaging cameras, come at a high cost in such cases. In addition, our stations do measure the real temperature of a person, as opposed to the same thermal imaging cameras, which are detecting temperature "deviations" in the flow of people - says Oleg Kivokurtsev, Development Director of Promobot.

The company believes that after 2020 it would be possible not to stop using the stations, but to expand their functionality by integrating them with the access control system or equip them to comprehensive "health stations”.