Private Information Protection

Use of the information provided by the User

The User provides the information and materials to have a feedback, get answers and for other purposes. Providing any such information or materials to UEC-Aviadvigatel the User gives UEC-Aviadvigatel a free of charge, irrevocable, permanent and worldwide right to reproduce, display, publicly demonstrate, transmit and distribute such information and materials, in absence of special notes provided for by law and restricting use of the information. UEC-Aviadvigatel is free to use any ideas, concepts or know-hows provided by the User except for the cases provided by the Russian Federation Legislation.  In addition, the User assures that he will not post on the Site any information or materials that are slanderous, discrediting, threatening, obscene or illegal.

UEC-Aviadvigatel reserves the right, but does not assume any obligations to remove any material or message if those are deemed to be indefensible, controversial or may result in an infringement of rights and freedoms of third parties.

UEC-Aviadvigatel is committed to organize its work with the information relating to the trade secret provided by the User in accordance with the requirements relevant to the level of confidentiality specified by the User. However, Aviadvigatel is not responsible in cases when the information has become available to third parties, as well as due to the information display by the User outside the Site sections which provide limited access, or with violation of the rules set for display on these sections.

The User assumes obligation not to disclose data obtained through the Site that is related to the trade secret of UEC-Aviadvigatel or other users.

Use of the User Information

By the means of special software UEC-Aviadvigatel automatically keeps track of the Users Information as follows: domain name, browser type, date and time of access and Site sections visited. By doing so UEC-Aviadvigatel does not aim at keeping track of actions of a specific user and the above information is used to determine a Site workload and a number of Site visitors as well as to determine those pages of the Site which users find useful. UEC-Aviadvigatel uses this information with a view to improve the Site for the benefit of users.

In cases provided for by the Russian Federation Legislation, UEC-Aviadvigatel as the owner of the rights to the Site shall carry out a check to identify a sender of an electronic communication received on the Site and submit such information to the authorized body.

The Site may have a limited access sections which are available to users provided the disclosure of their personal information including information that is classified as personal information under the Russian Federation Legislation. UEC-Aviadvigatel uses such information for the User authorization or to track visits to some parts of the Site, completion of transactions, sending of advertising materials or use of limited access information.

UEC-Aviadvigatel aims to keep accurately the information provided by users and give the User a possibility to browse, update, correct, change and delete the information provided. Such a removal, however, of previously provided information allows Aviadvigatel to restrict or prohibit the visit to relevant sections of the Site, requiring the information indicated. Meanwhile UEC-Aviadvigatel is not responsible for the safety of the information provided by users.

Reporting the information, including personal information, the User thus gives his consent to use this information by UEC-Aviadvigatel for the purposes specified in these Rules and Conditions, either individually or with transfer to others, including companies supporting the Site and processing data.

UEC-Aviadvigatel undertakes not to disclose to third parties any information provided by Users, if it is not related to the use for the purposes specified in these Rules and Conditions, except for the cases provided by the Russian Federation Legislation. UEC-Aviadvigatel undertakes not to share information with persons in jurisdiction not sufficient to protect personal information comparing to the Russian Federation Legislation.