Development of Operation & Maintenance Manuals

UEC-Aviadvigatel develops and issues Operation Manuals for newly designed GT aero engines, ground IGTs (designed to power Gas Compressor Packages and GT Gensets), as well as systematically keeps the current Operation & Maintenance Manuals up to date.

For the newly developed aero engines and PS-90A variants, TG Builder software interactive electronic versions of Operation Manuals are made. Furthermore, Customers can be supplied with either electronic CD or paper versions of the Operation Manual (optionally).

Gas Compressor and Gensets IGTs Operation Manuals are developed using up-to-date computer technologies and are provided to the Customer in a paper format or, if necessary, in electronic format.

Operation Manuals updating due to the improvement of aero engine design, Gas Compressor and GT Gensets IGT design, of maintenance practices and activities aimed at increasing the reliability and failure-free operation is made on the basis of service bulletins.  Such bulletins are issued 2-4 times a year depending on the number and value of the matters that are to be revised in the documentation.

To settle down the engine operation problems immediately the company may issue service bulletins according to which the necessary measures to maintain the reliable engine operation are taken during the period when the bulletin is actual, and thereafter they are included into main operation manuals if proven for effectiveness.

Urgent issues on the Gas Compressor Unit and GT-Genset IGT operation are settled by the issue of maintenance instructions as to what is necessary to be done to improve the IGT or adjust performance figures to ensure reliable and effective operation during the period the instructions are valid, followed by the including of these instructions through bulletins into the main operation manuals, if applicable.

Operation Manuals are delivered to operators by the supplier (UEC-Perm Engines and UEC-Aviadvigatel) together with products or on Customer’s request.


Operation & Maintenance Manuals
Ilya Valetov, Head of Department
Tel: 8 (342) 240-97-86