GT Genset Aftersales Support

Being a designer, producer and provider of GT Gensets, UEC-Aviadvigatel performs the full range of activities on supply, installation, commissioning, and warranty and aftersales support of GT Gensets provided.

At present a product range of UEC-Aviadvigatel’s GT genset includes two families of modular GT-Gensets: 2.5, 4, 6 MW-rated Ural-2500, Ural-4000, Ural-6000 based on D-30 aero-engine, and 12, 16, 22.5 MW-rated GTES-12P, GTES-16PA and GTES-25P based on PS-90A.

In accordance with his needs and capabilities a Customer can sign a contract with UEC-Aviadvigatel for aftersales support of GT Gensets.

UEC-Aviadvigatel offers several options of support.

Structure and scope of the aftersales support may vary depending on the Customer needs.


Ground IGT and GT Genset Operations Department
Alexander Gladilov, Head of Department
Tel: 8 (342) 281-38-94