Investment Casting Processes


  • CTM 30 ceramic core injection machine with 11Z EMX mixer equipped with an extrusion and pelletizing system;
  • CTM 50-WI C-type wax injection machine with 50-ton clamping force;
  • SHELL-O-MATIC automated shell making system to make shells based on aqueous colloidal solutions made by RANSOM & RANDOLPH;
  • MonoTherm HK.669.N.6gr vacuum furnace made by ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH: tempering, quenching, aging, annealing of finished parts in the non-oxidizing environment;
  • Linn High Therm furnaces (4 units): tempering, hardening, aging, annealing, stabilization of large-size heavy parts;
  • LBBC Model 1220 boilerclave: fast removal of wax patterns from shells with max size of  800 mm.