Metallographic Examination

The system of sample preparation for metallographic examination made by Buehler

  • Powermet 3000 sectioning machine for parts sectioning with cooling (special wheels used)
  • Simplimet 1000 for hot encasement of metal samples in bakelite
  • Beta grinding and polishing machine with a capability to make several mounted samples at the same time
  • Q150R system for sprayed carbon coating of the samples to examine them with an electronic microscope

MIRA 3 LMH – scanning electronic microscope with the capability of local elementary analysis made by TESCAN:

  • examination of the fine structure of carbon-free single-crystal nanostructured alloys;
  • fractographic examination of fatigue crack fractures resulted from parts spin tests, determination of the crack root-cause, nature and propagation rate;
  • quantitative electron probe microanalysis of individual phases, surface inclusions in fractures and microstructures;
  • fractographic examination of fractures after  short-term performance testing and stress-rupture testing.