Robotic Cell

The robotic cell was built for serial manufacturing of various materials samples to study their structural properties and form a material strength databank. It is planned to make 7 configurations of samples in total. Samples material – titanium- and nickel-based superalloys.

Specific features

  • Fully automatic production cycle (human factor eliminated)
  • Strict control at each sample production stage
  • This system may be certified to all European standards for qualification off all brand new materials


  • HRX 160L 75 kX waterjet cutting machine;
  • 2 x Nakamura Tome Model W-100MMY turning centers;
  • Kellenberger Model KEL-Vita R1175/1000 cylindrical grinder;
  • RTS-SPM-025 3-positional polishing station;
  • TL 1120-IR laser;
  • KUKA (KR500, KR60, KR16) robot;
  • Opticline СА 305 measurement system;
  • EBS6200 marking printer;
  • В38сТ vacuum furnace.