D-30KUBypass Turbofan Engine with Bucket-Type TRU

The D-30KU engine capable of generating 11 000 kgf was developed in 1971 for replacing the NK-8-4 engine on long-haul aircraft Il-62. This intercontinental liner had some difficulties with covering ocean spaces, and for keeping this unique aircraft by Ilyushin Design Bureau in operation, the decision was taken to power the aircraft with engines having lower specific fuel consumption. The maximum flight distance of the Il-62M aircraft equipped with D-30KU was 1500 longer as compared to the basic model equipped with NK-8-4.

By contrast with D-30, the D-30KU was developed with increased bypass ratio and turbine inlet temperature. The first compressor spool has 3 stages, the second one has 11 stages, the design of the combustion chamber is similar to the one of D-30, the turbine has 6 stages, the nozzle is common for both flows and has a lobe mixer and a mixing chamber.

The D-30KU engine design was the first aviation engine in the country to include a bucket-type thrust reverser unit which did not affect the engine parameters at forward thrust.

1584 engines D-30KU were manufactured by Rybinsk Engine Plant (now PAO NPO UEC-Saturn) under the authorized supervision of the Perm Design Bureau. In 1979, a serial production of the second series D-30KU started, that could preserve the takeoff thrust at ambient temperatures of up to +30°С. In its thrust category (10-12 tons), the D-30KU engine remained unsurpassed at the world market for more than ten years.

The success of D-30KU in many respects allowed another Pavel Solovyov’s engine - D-30KP – to take its place on military transport aircraft Il-76.