D-30KU-154Bypass Turbofan Engine

The successful replacement of the engines on long-haul Il-62 stimulated the leaders of the Ministry of Aviation Industry of the USSR to re-engine another popular aircraft – medium-haul passenger airliner Tu-154. As a result, Tu-154M powered by D-30KU-154 was the backbone of the civil aviation in Russia for 15 years at the end of the 20th century.

The development of the D-30KU-154 engine with the maximum thrust of 10 500 kgf for powering Tu-154 started in 1979. Pavel Solovyov used the D-30KU core as a starting point. In the course of designing the D-30KU-154 engine, some of the systems were improved, new units were added, and in 1984 the new engine entered serial production. Replacement of NK-8-2 from Samara with the D-30KU-154 engine allowed to reduce the fuel consumption by 28% what defined the profitability of the air transportations for the coming 10-15 years.

For many years the D-30KU-154 engines were used as part of the propulsion units of medium-haul passenger aircraft not only of the domestic airlines, but of the government airliners of some of the countries.

During the years of the D-30KU-154 active operation, the specialists of the Perm design bureau continued their patient work on improving the engine. A vivid example of that is the development of the noise suppression system with noise-absorbing structures from polymer composite materials. There were in total more than 1500 D-30KU-154 engines manufactured by Rybinsk Engine Plant (now NPO UEC-Saturn).