D-30KPBypass Turbojet with Increased Gas Temperature at Turbine Inlet

The drawing release for new engine D-30KP with 12 000 kgf thrust for military transport aircraft Il-76 was completed by the end of the 60s. In 1971, Il-76MD with the propulsion unit on the basis of four D-30KP was demonstrated to the country’s leaders. In 1972 it passed the state tests and then was presented to the public at the nearest international air show in Le Bourget (France). In 1974 the engine was put into service to power not only military Il-76 itself, but also its numerous modifications: tanker plane Il-78, “aircraft-hospital” Il-76MD Scalpel, early warning and control aircraft A-50, weightlessness simulator Il-76K, airborne test rig Il-76LL for in-flight tests of the aircraft engines, and others.

Turbojet bypass engine D-30KP was in many ways similar to its predecessor D-30KU. The engine had a high gas temperature at the turbine inlet, increased compressor pressure ratio and bypass ratio.

Powered by the propulsion unit comprising four engines D-30KP, Il-76 is capable of running up to cruise speed of 900 km/ hr.

It should be noted that passenger liners (long-haul Il-62, medium-haul Tu-154) which originally had been equipped with Kuznetsov’s engines, were in five or seven years reequipped with more efficient engines of Pavel Solovyov’s design. For military transport Il-76, its chief designer Genrikh Novozhilov chose Solovyov’s D-30KP to power the plane from the very start.

D-30KP evolved into D-30 KP of the second series which provided for preserving the takeoff thrust at a higher ambient temperature. Special engines D-30KP-L were developed in Perm for weightlessness simulator (Il-76).

The development of the Il-76 military transport airplane was recognized with the Lenin Prize. Pavel Solovyov, the chief designer of the engine, was also awarded with the Lenin Prize, and the team of the Perm Experimental and Design Bureau was awarded with the First Prize of the USSR Council of Ministers.

D-30KP engines were manufactured in the city of Rybinsk (Yaroslavl region) at Rybinsk Engine Production Plant (now NPO UEC-Saturn). The D-30KP engines production continues nowadays. More than 4700 D-30KP engines have been manufactured in total.