The ASh-82V engine was developed in 1952 based on the ASh-82T engine, and it was designed for the Mikhail L. Mil’s (Mi-4) and Alexander S. Yakovlev’s (Yak-24) helicopters. The
ASh-82V, a 14-cylinder engine with axial-flow fan and clutch, was a forebody-mounted engine. The engine was connected with the P-5 two-stage main planetary gearbox with the shaft passing between the pilot seats. The ASh-82V engine was being mass-produced in 1952-1955 at Perm engine-building factory.

February 1958 saw the launch of mass production of ASh-82V in Harbin (under HS7 Chinese brand) to power Chinese Z-5, Z-6 helicopters. A total of over 3900 Mi-4 helicopters was produced till 1966, including licensed Chinese helicopters.