ASh-82, ASh-82F, ASh-82FN, ASh-82T



In 1939 the Development & Design Bureau started working with M-82 (ASh-82) 14-cylinder double-row radial engine that passed official tests in 1941. The ASh-82 engine power output was 1500 hp. It was installed on the La-5 fighter, the Su-2(Su-4) attack aircraft and light bomber, and the Petlyakov TB-7 (Pe-8) heavy bomber. It was being manufactured during 1941 to 1942 at Perm engine-building factory.


In 1942 the ASh-82F engine was created, the afterburning version. The ASh-82F engine power output was 1700 hp. It had no take-off duration limits, and its life was 3 times higher than that of ASh-82. The engine was being manufactured by Perm engine factory since 1942 to 1944, and was being installed on La-5 and La-7 fighters, and Tu-2 bomber.


In 1943 the ASh-82FN engine was developed, featuring afterburning and direct fuel injection into cylinders. The ASh-82FN engine power output was 1850 hp. The design implemented fixed gearbox gear tooth flanking, dual-speed transmission ceramic metal disc. These engines provided excellent performance of La-5FA and La-7 fighters, Tu-2 bomber, which greatly contributed to supremacy of the soviet aviation over the enemy forces. A limited batch of ASh-82FN Pe-2s was produced. The ASh-82FN engines were used on Il-12/14 aircrafts (CPP – AV-9V/E).

The ASh-82FN engine was being manufactured by Perm engine factory, and by the factory No. 478 (now JSC “Motor Sich”) from 1943 to 1950.

The Development & Design Bureau No. 19 was awarded the Order of Lenin for creation of ASh-82, ASh-82F, ASh-82FN. Arkady D. Shvetsov, the Chief Designer, got the rank of the Hero of Socialist Work, and 20 bureau employees were awarded orders and medals.


The ASh-82T (1951) was developed on the basis of ASh-82FN.
It was being mass produced in 1953-1955 at Perm engine-building factory. It was being installed on the Il-12 and Il-14 passenger transport aircrafts. The engine used enhanced gearbox compared to ASh-82FN, as well as propeller and accessories shafts. The ASh-82T was equipped with AV-50 feathered four-bladed controllable pitch propeller.