ASh-73, ASh-73TK



Reciprocating 18-cylinder engine (double-row radial engine). It was designed in 1946 and installed on Be-6 seaplane and LL-143 aircraft.


In the early post-war years the ASh-73TK engine with two TK-19 turbo-chargers was the largest engine in the world. It was being mass-produced during 1947 to 1953 at Perm engine-building factory (it was manufactured 6831pcs. together with ASh-73), and during 1949 to 1957 at Rybinsk engine-building factory (it was manufactured 1968 pcs.)
ASh-73TK was being installed on the Tu-4 long-range heavy bomber (similar to the USA’s В-29 Superfortress). It was built 1296 Tu-4 engines in total.

ASh-73TK had first electronic circuit diagrams, which were U-2 tube amplifiers working within the RTK-46 supercharging control system.

The engine was equipped with balance beams and counterbalances to reduce vibrations and avoid torsional oscillations. In order to increase the ASh-73TK altitude range, it was done with two-stage supercharge. The first supercharging stage is the exhaust energy-operated TK-19 turbo-charger.