Second borderline is behind

On March 2010 in Moscow Engineering Center of United Engine-Building Corporation (UEC) Management Company OJSC the second stage (so-called "Second Gate") of the Program for development of the turbojet engine family for MS-21 short- and mid-range advanced regional jet was passed.

The Second Gate means an approval of the Program concept (Pilot project defense) including presentation of formed cooperation for the gasgenerator-demonstrator and engine-demonstrator technologies development phase, and detailed analysis of the market and profitability of the Program.

The Program provides for development of turbojet bypass engine family rated at 8...16 ton thrust range for passenger and transport aircraft, and engine family of industrial gas-turbine units for gas-pumping and electric power packages rated at 6...16 MW.

A baseline engine will be PD-14 engine for MS-21 short- and mid-range aircraft which is being developed by United Aircraft Corporation (UAC).Development of the aircraft and its advanced gas-turbine engine is provided by "Aircraft Industry Development Strategy for the period till 2015" and by Federal Program "Development of Russian civil aviation for 2002...2010 and for the period till 2015. Development of the new engine for MS-21 is one of the high-priority projects of UEC.

Perm engine manufacturers passed the "First Gate" in 2008; it was comprised of defense of the project conceptual elaboration.Since the Program concept had been defined, and its engineering and technological marketability, and profitability assessed, the activities in engine component design, and development and launching of critical technologies required for the new generation engine family production were being placed on a broad footing in almost two years.

Such experts of the leading aviation companies and enterprises as United Engine-Building Corporation Management Company OJSC, Central institute of Aviation Motors named after P. I. Baranov FSUE, All-Russian Scientific Research Institute Of Aviation Materials FSUE, United Aircraft Corporation OJSC, A.S. Yakovlev Design Bureau OJSC, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft CJSC, Association of Aero Engines Manufacturers, Aviadvigatel OJSC, Perm Engine Company OJSC, "NPP Motor" OJSC, Ufa Engine Industrial Association OJSC, "MMPP Salut" FSUE took part in the "Second Gate" procedure.
These experts worked in the following seven areas:

  • Marketing research
  • Program profitability analysis
  • Engineering solutions
  • Technology concepts
  • Customer service
  • Program information support
  • Program management and cooperation.

Competitive market analysis showed that adopted thermodynamic parameters of the baseline engine and advanced design-production solutions will allow to make a new generation advanced turbojet engine in reasonable time. It will leave behind all existing analogs and compete with western new generation advanced turbojet engines of the same purpose.

Scheme, dimensions and parameters of PD-14 gasgenerator make it possible to create aircraft powerplants with competitive ecological and economic ratings, and to create on its basis an advanced industrial gas turbine family rated at 6...16 MW with 34...40 % efficiency. Such wide area of application of PD-14 engine and its modifications levels the risks in certain segments of aircraft market and stipulates the project profitability.

"The task given to Russian engine manufacturing is to create the family of competitive new generation engines on a tight schedule; it's complicated but feasible," considers Alexander Inozemtsev, general designer of Aviadvigatel OJSC. "Keystone of success is setting up United Engine-Building Corporation (UEC) which consists of almost all the strongest domestic companies of the industry. It's very important that leading developer - Aviadvigatel OJSC - have practical engineering and manufacturing experience in developing of PS-90A2 engine that was certified to comply with up-to-date world requirements in 2009. Successful passing of the "Second Gate" indicates that constructive exterior of the advanced engine and technology concepts meet the state strategy".

Press-centre of Aviadvigatel OJSC


OJSC Aviadvigatel - the leading Russian Design Bureau that develops gas turbine engines of aircraft and industrial application, it is a part of United Engine Building Corporation (ODK) that is OJSC OPK Oboronprom's subsidiary company 100% specialized on engine building assets management.

OJSC OPK Oboronprom is a diversified engineering group established in 2002. It is a part of PC Russian Technologies. Main lines of activities: helicopter building (OJSC Helicopters of Russia), engine building (MC United Engine Building Corporation), other assets. Revenue of the enterprises that are the parts of the corporation exceeded 130 billion rubles in 2009.