PERM ENGINE COMPANY: continues to set up world records

December 2006 is the 51st date of setting up the world records of load-lifting capacity on the helicopter Jak-24 powered by perm ASh-82V engine.

On 17th December 1955 a helicopter piloted by E.F. Miljutichev lifted the heaviest cargo of 4 tons at 2902m altitude, and a test pilot G.A.Tinjakov achieved the maximum altitude of 5082m with 2 tons cargo on board.

Jak-24, with its 1st flight in 1952, was the first USSR tandem twin-rotor helicopter which made it possible to execute a very convenient for different types of cargo "carriage" configuration of freight compartment. Thanks to ASh-82V piston engine developed by Arkadii Shvetsov, at that moment this helicopter was ahead of all the foreign analogues in airborne mass and payload characteristics. In 1950`s Jak-24 was the largest helicopter in the world. Due to its capability to carry extremely large cargo and numerous military paratroops the helicopter was called "a flying carriage". In 1955 it was included in the USSR military air fleet, and a few years later it began to perform regular flights on the airlines of the country.

Engines produced by Perm Engine Company are also demanded in modern helicopter-building. OJSC "Reductor-PM" included in Perm Motors Group is one of the leading producers of helicopter gearboxes and transmissions. The company manufactures and performs overhaul and maintenance service of primary gearboxes for the majority of "Mi" family helicopters and a new light helicopter "Ansat".

Among the latest Perm achievements we can name transmission and primary gearbox for a new generation strike helicopter Mi-28N "Night Hunter". Sergei Ivanov, Russian Vice-premier and Defense Minister, says that this air vehicle will be the main combat helicopter for Russian Air Force. "Night Hunter" meets all the world standards and due to its combat and technical specifications it can replace three Mi-24s, included in Russian air fleet today.


ASh-82V engine based on ASh-82 T was developed in 1952 to power M.L. Mil`s (Mi-4) and A.S. Jakovlev`s (Jak-24) helicopter families. ASh-82V was a 14-cylinder engine with axial-flow fan and activation clutch mounted in the front of fuselage. The engine was connected to the two-stage planetary primary gearbox R-5 with the help of a shaft which was between pilot seats. Full-scale production of ASh-82V in 1952 - 1955 was developed by Engine-manufacturing plant named in honour of I. Stalin (now Perm Engine Company).

In February 1958 in Harbin a full-scale production of ASh-82V (Chinese modification is HS7) for Chinese helicopters Z-5, Z-6 began.