Turbofan Engine Family for Regional Jet

Advanced turbofan for regional jet is a bypass two-shaft turbojet without fan and core flows mixing and with a thrust reverser and effective acoustic treatment. The aero-engine is designed for a new short- and mid-range regional jet MS‑21.

Advanced turbofan is designed on the basis of a new high-efficient gas generator configured as "8+2" with parameters that are inherent to machines of generation 5+. The gas generator tests and its refinement were started in November 2010.

Engine models

Advanced Turbofan Engine Family for Regional Jet consists of PD-14, PD-14A, PD-14M engine models;

PD-14 is a basic turbofan for MS-21-300 Regional Jet;

PD-14A is a throttled model of turbofan for MS-21-200 Regional Jet;

PD-14M is a boosted model of turbofan for MS-21-400 Regional Jet.

Engines Primary Performance Data
(All parameters are given excluding losses in air intake and air and power extraction for aircraft)




Take-Off thrust (Í = 0; Ě = 0), ton-force12.514,015.6
Bypass ratio at Take-Off8.68.57.2
Compressor pressure ratio at Climb384146
Specific fuel consumption at Cruise, kg/kgf·hr(10...15) % lower than the level of modern engines of similar thrust and function
Fan diameter, mm190019001900
Engine dry weight, kg277027702850

Environmental ratings

  • Emission parameters are at the level of the best world machines of similar design and have good presuppositions for future. Level of NOx emissions is 20...30% lower than that required in ICAO 2008.
  • Noise parameters meet the aircraft noise requirements of ICAO Stage 4 and have 15ĹPNdB margin relative thereto.