The first perm power generation center for NOVATEK-Tarkosaleneftegaz

10 february 2021

Five units of URAL-6000 GT Genset with the total capacity of 30 MW developed and made by UEC-Aviadvigatel have undergone adjustment and startup procedures at Severo-Russkoe oil and gas field of NOVATEK-Tarkosaleneftegaz. At the moment, extensive testing of all power generation center equipment is in process. Putting into service is expected in Q1 20021.

One of the specific features of this project is severe climatic environment of the field. It is situated above the Arctic Circle in Tazovsly Region of Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous District. Temperature variations during the year are from–52°С to +33°С. In spite of that, UEC-Aviadvigatel manufactured and delivered the equipment in a modular configuration as required by the Contract. It means that the power generation units are located outdoors without any additional enclosures. The power generation center based on Perm URAL Gensets will operate in the baseload mode irrespective of the season and must become the main source of electricity and heat at the field.

“Severo-Russkoe oil and gas field where the power generation center will operate is a new field located far from global power supply networks – said Daniil Sulimov, UEC-Aviadvigatel’s Deputy General Designer – Chief Designer of Gas Turbines for Power Generation. – In the coming years it will be further developed. The equipment of our Design Bureau acquired a good reputation in the projects of equipping the fields of such kind from the green field phase. Therefore, it is highly likely that in the future they will buy Perm equipment for Severo-Russkoe oil and gas field”.

It should be mentioned that this scope of supply of GT Gensets significantly differed from the typical one. In addition to five units of URAL-6000 GT Genset the scope of supply includes five waste heat recovery heat exchangers for water heating with the capacity of 12 MW each. Actually, it is the nominal thermal output of URAL units. Heat exchangers manufacturer is ZAO UEMZ. The fact that the Customer demanded exactly this waste heat recovery equipment is indicative of the very high potential level of heat consumption at the field.

It is interesting that among the machines supplied to Severo-Russkoe oil and gas field there was a milestone 100th URAL GT Genset made in Perm in September 2020.

As of the beginning of January this year, 110 URAL-Series power generation units are in service at the sites of Russian fuel and power industry, the total number of running hours from the beginning of service (since 1994) is over 3.2 million hours.