PD-14 engine complies with the latest ICAO standards for non-volatile particulate matter emissions

08 february 2021

“UEC-Aviadvigatel” JSC has received Supplemental Type Certificate for PD-14 engine, certifying a compliance of the PD-14 engine with the ICAO non-volatile particulate matter emissions (nvPM) standard.

In November 2018, the PD-14 engine was certified by the Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya) and at that time, it was compliant with current ICAO regulations, including the 2014 emission requirements.

In January 2020, a new ICAO standard came into force, designed to replace existing regulations on the smoke number of aircraft engines, and it allows for a more detailed study of non-volatile particulate matter emissions in the airport area, as well as reducing their impact on the climate. The new standard has required additional works.

nvPM emission measurements have been carried out with the assistance ZHAW’s experts (Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland). The equipment used is SMARTEMIS (Swiss Mobile Aircraft Emission Measurement System) that meets ICAO Annex 16, Vol. II, as evidenced by a certificate of compliance issued by the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA).

The measurements show that the maximum nvPM mass concentration margin obtained during testing of one PD-14 engine is 5% (by 2020 standard). For the parameters of non-volatile particulate matter emissions (by mass and number) in accordance with the standards that will come into effect on January 1, 2023, a margin of more than 85% was obtained.

This PD-14 Supplemental Type Certificate allows for international flights of the PD-14 powered MS-21-310 aircraft, as well as makes it possible to sell aircrafts powered with Perm engines outside the country.

Perm Design Bureau was the first in Russia to experience the PD-14 engine certification for compliance with new and advanced ICAO nvPM emission standards. In this regard, the company specialists came forward with an initiative to the United Engine Corporation’s management to establish a Competence Centre for measuring aircraft engine emissions at the premises of “UEC-Aviadvigatel” for the benefit of all UEC enterprises.