In 2011 Aviadvigatel OJSC will develop PD-14 engine demonstrator

19 april 2010

Perm Aviadvigatel OJSC is already actively working on the development of advanced PD-14 aeroengine intended for new MS-21 passenger airliner, as Alexander Inozemtsev, general designer of Aviadvigatel OJSC, said during the press-conference dedicated to  coming "Engines-2010", XI International Show.

"We are planning to assemble the gasgenerator demonstrator by the end of this year, and in 2011 manufacturing of the engine demonstrator will begin," said general designer. He also noted that the company expects to start certification procedure of PD-14 engine in 2012.

Alexander Inozemtsev assessed the cost of PD-14 engine development program at 35 billion rubles. "As we've assessed the cost of development, type certification and serial production launching is 35 billion rubles," he said. According to general designer the Government investment in this project is about 15 billion rubles for three years (2009-2011). "We have never got such a great investment since socialism times," Alexander Inozemtsev pointed and explained that the money is used for the unified gasgenerator development, technique and technology update.

According to Alexander Inozemtsev, general designer, the major of all the projects developed by United Engine-building Corporation (UEC) is the development of engine family on the unified gasgenerator basis. "Nowadays almost all Russian aeroengine manufacturers, industry-associated institutes and scientific centers, and also Ukraine aeroengine manufacturers take part in PD-14 engine development program," noted Alexander Inozemtsev.

Alexander Inozemtsev specified that the Ukrainian companies, such as ZMKB "Progress" and "Motor Sich" OJSC, have gained huge experience and technological backlog in the advanced aeroengine development. "We involve Zaporozhean division of engine manufacturing as they have a number of unique know-how and achievements," he said.

By Alexander Inozemtsev's estimation, in manufacturing of only one component, e.g. a combustor, the Ukrainian companies' share in total labour intensity of engine manufacturing will be more than 5%. Also according to the general designer of Perm Design Bureau, there will be collaborative work on the propfan and gear development for oversized engines that will be created on the unified gasgenerator basis.

Press-centre of Aviadvigatel OJSC